Tool-Assisted Verification of Behaviour Networks

Christopher Armbrust, Lisa Kiekbusch, Thorsten Ropertz, and Karsten Berns. Robotics Research Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern (Germany).
Abstract—This paper deals with the problem of assisting developers when verifying properties of complex behaviourbased systems. A central aspect of behaviour-based systems is the interaction between the behaviours, as a lot of the functionality of a system typically arises from this interaction. Hence, verification has to deal with the specialities of behaviour interaction. Previous work has introduced a concept for modelling behaviour-based systems as networks of finite-state automata and for applying model checking as verification technique. As the manual verification of large networks is tedious and errorprone, the work at hand introduces a concept for assisting developers by partly automating the verification process. The applicability of the presented approach is demonstrated using the behaviour-based control system of an autonomous bucket excavator.