Whitepaper on ICARUS: Providing Unmanned Search and Rescue Tools

By Geert De Cubber, Daniela Doroftei and Yvan Baudoin (Royal Military Academy); Daniel Serrano (ASCAMM); Keshav Chintamani (Space Applications Services); Rui Sabino (ESRI Portugal) and Stéphane Ourevitch (SpaceTecPartners).

Abstract—The ICARUS EU-FP7 project deals with the development of a set of integrated components to assist search and rescue teams in dealing with the difficult and dangerous, but life-saving task of finding human survivors. The ICARUS tools consist of assistive unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles, equipped with victim detection sensors. The unmanned vehicles collaborate as a coordinated team, communicating via ad hoc cognitive radio networking. To ensure optimal human-robot collaboration, these tools are seamlessly integrated into the C4I equipment of the human crisis managers and a set of training and support tools is provided to them to learn to use the ICARUS system.